Cat was great ! She is a box full of ideas and solutions, ultimately a fantastic designer. The Den was an empty space with no purpose, she created this office/ adega to store my collections of liquors. 

Mark Connolly _

We had no idea what colors to choose and how to decorate our room. CSW Studio Inc. provided us with an amazing realist rendering that facilitated us to make decisions and finally have the room that we always wanted!

Lia, Shapiro.

It was my first time contracting an interior design company. This was my third time moving into an apartment and I had decided I wanted to really put effort, time, and money into my new home. I wanted to get everything new. Start a new chapter in my life. My goal was that I wanted to come home everyday and be happy when I walked in the door. Excited to come back to my own place where everything was perfect and settling. I found CSW through Instagram. Was searching away and trying to find certain details and looks that matched my taste. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. From finding a few pictures that matched my desire, i came to find out it was the work of CSW. From the moment I met with Catarine and her team, I knew it was going to be a great experience. There were times during our meetings when they already knew what I was thinking and what I wanted. Exemplifies the experience and quality of work they do. From start to finish, CSW makes you feel like your there number 1 client. The service, professionalism, attention, and quality was outstanding. Also to mention, they are economically priced. They will work with you and whatever your budget is. I have to give all the credit and thanks to CSW for making my home what it is today.
It is such a pleasurable feeling to be coming home everyday and having everything in a perfect setup with decor that matches, accurately measured, color coordinated, and quality pieces that all connected with my vision. I couldn’t have done it without them. Thank you Catarine and your team for the wonderful experience and help for my apartment design!

Eric, G.

I love the description of colors and all your ideas. Thanks for always being so flexible. 

Sebastian K.

It was a pleasure working with Cat, she made the entire process very enjoyable and very clear. The renderings were beautiful and I was able to create a place that both my son and I are now able to enjoy it."

Rose, Grossi

Ana, Ore 

This was my first time working with an interior designer. I posted my residential project on Bark and CSW design reached out to me the same day. Catarine asked me questions about the project and then asked my boyfriend and I to fill out a questionnaire to get more specifics about the project and our style. My situation was unique, as my boyfriend and I are young new homebuyers with a tight budget and very unique space. We needed help designing our 750sq ft studio loft apartment. Although not her typical client, Catarine agreed to help us. Shortly after that phone conversation we agreed to work together and set up an in person time to meet. Catarine and her team came early, measured the space and spent a good amount of time speaking with me about the project. During our initial consultation, we scheduled the presentation for two weeks later.

Presentation day- WOW, my boyfriend and I were blown away with the thought, time, detail, and creativity that went into the presentation. Catarine had us step into another room so that she can lay out everything perfectly on our island. She had a presentation board, slide show, video, print outs, and all the paper work organized by room. She also had several options for each room. I could have never thought of positioning furniture in ways that she did. I also didn't even think of placing certain pieces of furniture in specific spaces. She was able to show us what could be, and it was phenomenal. I am excited to see what the finished
product looks like! 

Allied ASID  

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